Somewhere in Between is born!!! I’m a pretty random person so I needed a name that would reflect everything and nothing specifically and Somewhere in between just seemed to work.  The spelling is cool too a little obscure like me. Anyway I have been wanting to blog for sometime now but with work and everything else going on in my life it has been pretty much impossible.  Now I have free time and the desire to express myself and share some of the things I am passionate about. Hopefully I can meet people who like some of the same things, and maybe we can share a couple of ideas. I have blogged in the past and I think I failed A because I was doing it for the wrong reasons B because I was too broad and calculated when it came to blogging. This time I’m starting simple 3 categories and I’m sticking to them 1. My crafts 2. My Life.  and 3. FOOD FOOD FOOD. Odd combination I know but didn’t I already tell you I was odd lol.