Snow day!!!! Not like I have a job anyway but still it meant more time with the parents.  I didn’t do much except lay around and be lazy. I cooked some what I liked to call southern stir fry which was nothing more than some pan-fried steak cabbage and onion served over mashed potatoes. It turned out really good but looked really unappealing so I didn’t bother taking any pictures. I did though take pictures of the snow didn’t get much but we did get enough to basically shut down the city. North Carolina doesn’t know how to act when we get snow.  I wanted to get some prototypes done today for my new venture, but sadly to say my laptop died on me so I could not use Sure Cuts A Lot for my Cricut. It really sucks because I think I am going to have to buy the new software.  But hey you have to spend money to make money.  So now my plans are on hold yippee… I think I will take the rest of the night and watch The Wire being so it is one of my favorite shows and I have recently come into all five seasons.