I had an interview today at the newspaper to be a copy assistant. I think it went really well they are supposed to make a decision by the end of the week I pray I get it because this sitting around the house deal is not good. I enjoy doing my crafts but I feel I need to switch it up by adding some variety to my daily activities. I tend to get a little bored when I do the same exact thing everyday for a long period of time; not to mention I draw inspiration from life and if I’m cooped up in this house I feel I’m going to start having stale ideas.  I have finished one of my card collections I think I am going to be able to start on my next one by the end of tonight. I started my Etsy store  the other day I just have to get it verified but since I can’t find my debit card ummm…yeah its a little bit difficult at the moment. Anyway being so I’m going to be making some of everything my store is named….Yep you guessed it BeEverythingtween  Everything in between…yay Im totally milking this in between thing lol.