I havent seen my sisters since Christmas and they are supposed to be coming home today I’m so glad.  We don’t get along all the time but I still love them and I love when they come home.  My mother wants to have a cookout for them since neither one of them cook, and they insist on having a home cooked meal.  I got a request to make my macaroni and cheese, that was so not a shocker. I have to admit I do make THE Best Macaroni and cheese ever, but it is soooooooooooooo fattening lol.  But the good stuff usually is.  I make a huge pan whenever I make it and I never have leftovers. Never.   I was supposed to go out with this guy I met online  but Im totally not in the mood so I am pretty sure I’m going to cancel and my sisters coming home is a great excuse.  I really just don’t feel like being bothered with the whole first date scenario.  My sister told me to join this dating site and I did but it seems like instead of all those fish everybody is talking about being in the sea I am pulling up the old tires and the busted boots.  So not worth my time one guy called me and had a full fledged ambush waiting for me for a second I thought I was in Guantanamo, I thought any second he was gonna bust through the phone and water-board me seriously.  I miss the days of my easy breezy relationship where I didn’t have to worry about any of this mess. We knew each-other, and we knew what to expect from each-other, the only problem was where I was evolving planning for the next stage in life he was stuck, and I loved him deep but not deep enough to get stuck with him.  So….I had to let him go because when a relationship is  broken no band aid no amount of glue or tape is going to hold it together its like putting water in a cracked pot your still headed for a disaster. I figured if I got out now I still have a couple years left in my twenties, and we could make a clean easy break, no kids no pets not even any material objects. Just he go his way and I can go mine.  I must admit though every time theknot.com sends me an email I get a little sad that my wedding wont be happening as soon as I thought it would but even then its still ok.  No already doomed marriage means no pricey divorce later so I’ll wait it out.

I love her version of this song, love the song just everything!!! Not to mention it kinda reminds me of how I initially felt when the relationship was over but thats another post.