Not feeling good at all today. I practically stayed in bed the whole day.I’m moody and irritable emotional and my mother and I have gotten into three shouting matches today. I feel so bad I want to cry but even that takes more energy than what I have right now, the worse part about it is I don’t have any Tylenol so it’s just going to be a long painful night. I have not talked to any of my friends today which is not only a shocker but it’s kind of discouraging because one I actually look forward to talking to. I guess one good thing that came out of this hellish day is I managed to get a Mac at a reasonable price. or AT LEAST ONE I CAN AFFORD. It’s not a new one or anything thing probably like 4 years old but it will do for now, at least till I see if I actually like it better than PC which I’m pretty sure I will being so my laptop is a complete and utter POS. I am on my third power cord for that thing don’t ask me how or why but it is indeed my third one.