Sleepy, tired, beat all rolled into one. I have a three day work week so Wednesday is my Friday and this week it feels like it. I think I am sleep deprived lol. I came home today and cooked my parents a white lasagna, I say I cooked them because I made myself a greek chicken salad and had some grapes so I am good for the rest of the night. I might have a sliver of it tomorrow, but not too much because that is just as fattening as my Macaroni and cheese. I’ll post the recipe I used and my pictures a little later,but right now I’m just feeling too lazy lol. Not to mention its supposed to snow tomorrow so I am pretty sure I won’t be leaving the house tomorrow.  I just saw the perfect recipe for red velvet cake on yahoo btw, I can’t wait to break out the cupcake pan. Well actually I can wait, but you know what I mean.