I’m in Durham with my sisters and mother, we are having an ok time, there has been a little bit of drama not family drama but drama just the same. I got my Power Mac!! Yay and I also got a Gateway laptop because my Compaq Pre-sorry-O is just not cutting it anymore. I bought it like 5 years ago and there is nothing wrong with the computer itself I am just tired of replacing the power cord. I am seriously on my third one not to mention this one came with a Web Cam, SD card reader and a DVD Burner and a 320 GB Hard Drive. The biggest feature on my Compaq was a CD burner lol.  Im looking forward to getting everything up and running with my new craft site, I really envision myself being like Martha Stewart. You know without the whole insider trading thing. My mind is just running with all kinds of ideas, podcast, video tutorials just all kinds of goodies. SN my sisters dog is so very bad, my Nano might be mean but Berkley is terrible he just walks around chewing on EVERYTHING and its not like he has hands that he can clean up after himself he is just leaving a trail of torn up stuff, his current chew toy of choice some 100 dollar hair extensions smh lol. So anyway I got my Mac off of craigslist  really really good deal 340 complete with monitor, keyboard, mouse and airport card. I know its an older model but this is my first Mac and I really just want to compare, anyway this was the most bizarre experience I have ever had.  The guy told me to call when I pulled into the parking lot I called him like 5 times and did not get and answer, so my sister called from her phone he answers on the 3rd ring so then he comes out and the computer is hooked up on the back porch???? But My uncle Larry and I tested everything out and it worked and I can’t wait to get home to hook it up in my little home office.  Im planning on having everything done and my first batch of merchandise up and ready for purchase by Saturday.  No more excuses I have enough time.  Hopefully my cricut will be here by Monday. If not its ok because I have my Cricut create I can use for smaller projects like cards and things.