Ok so I got my cable and internet turned on at my house yesterday and I was sitting here trying to figure out why both my computers were moving so slow. My Mac is a little older so I thought that that was why, but then I got on my laptop and it took Bing dern near five minutes to load to Im like what is going on? So I called Suddenlink come to find out they had me on some dial up package ( not really dial up but still super slow) I was sitting here seriously about to go crazy trying to surf the net. Problem solved now though.  Today has been a pretty good day I folded my mountain of laundry made a whole playlist full of old R&B from like the 80’s and 90’s I need to go out, but I really don’t feel like it, but I’m gonna stop being lazy and get out the house.I bought my domain and hosting for my online store.  I have not finished with it yet but when I do I will post a link. I plan on being done by tonight and ready for business in the morning. Im going to go to the Salvation Army to see if I can find anything that needs some TLC  just to mix it up.  In my Daddy’s words people will buy anything.  I have a lot of African American novels I also want to put on Ebay because I have read them all and frankly I need the space for my crafting supplies.  Right about now my closet is gone crazy.  I can’t stand people who don’t get rid of things they don’t use and I refuse to be one of them.