Ms. Jones ❤

I’m 26 I am the worlds most notorious procrastinator, my sister actually told me one day she said, “You know, you are the only person I have ever met who leaves the house at the same time you are scheduled for work”.  In my defense though I will say this I absolutely HATED that job, which one you ask? Take your pick there have been a few lol.  I have worked in food, retail, customer service, in an office, I have even been a professional student.  The most important thing about me is I like to try new things experience different cultures and things.  Second most important thing about me I am creative I have more creativity in my little finger then most people have in their whole entire body. This is both a gift and a curse because where I can make some really good Lemonade out of  some cruddy Lemons, I also find it hard to stick to one particular thing, instead I’m all over the place trying new things but never finishing  one of them ie. I have had 4 different majors and I have 1 certificate and 0 degrees. Its cool though I’m young I don’t have any children so I am only responsible for myself which gives me time to be able to relax when it comes to school Im in no rush. I take a couple of classes every year it’s no biggie I’ll get therre eventually. I really want to own my own business which I am starting now so my degree is really just reassurance.

❤ ❤ ❤ Likes

pink,dressing up, doing anything girlie, music ( my Ipod is my bestie)crocheting,knitting,cooking,sewing,decorating cakes, making cards, scrap booking,collecting craft supplies (weird I know), Nano (the best doggy daughter ever), anything to do with going green, being eco friendly, natural hair, essential oils, and natural remedies, Gone With the Wind, Beaches, Pretty Woman, LOTR, HP, Twilight,  movies in general

❤ Not so much

Liars! Cheaters! Thieves! creepy crawlers, rodents, and old people who drive reeeeeaaaaaalllllll slllllooooooowwwww!