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Being a Girl.

Women are some emotional unstable creatures. LOL. Well part of that is true because I am definitely a very emotional person. I try to be gaurded for that very reason. When I love I love hard, so when I am let down it hurts like high well you know where I’m going with that.  Recently I have found myself letting someone close to me but as it is right now nothing could ever come of it.  In the age of technology though nothing is impossible. But I have it bad! I mean really bad! I can’t say his name without grinning, he crosses my mind at least 10 times a day, and if I don’t talk to him I feel my day is just not complete. I feel silly because the situation does not allow me to express how I feel without in my opinion making me look silly. But its just not very often I find someone who is so much like me.  Or who appreciates the things I like, and values the things I value.  I mean really I’m an odd girl for my age. I like Harry Potter, and Twilight, I sew, and knit, I actually like to keep house, I like going in my daddy’s garden to pick vegetables so I can preserve them, but at the same time I am a complete Technology Junkie ( well I don’t have it as bad as some people) but I can still appreciate a new gadget. Not many girls now days are into the more traditional roles of a woman, they are more concerned with partying, I know because for a while there I played that role. Until I was able to see that that was not and has never really been me.  I am much happier in the house with my ipod my Cricut or my sewing machine.  Even still with all that he gets me. He really genuinely gets me. We can talk for hours and they are actually hours of meaningful conversation. He’s so smart it’s crazy how he explains things to me, stuff that I normally on my own would not expose myself to but for whatever reasons when they come from him it’s like…I just hang on his every word. To say I like him is an understatement but to say anything else would make me seem like a Gullible NUT JOB. Oh what to do? What to do? If only I were a boy…



When We Get Married.

My little cousin got married on Monday, and Im stealing two things from her lol. Her Bouquet style, and this song. I’m so in love with it. She was a beautiful bride BTW, Im watching my mom put together a smilebox with the pictures, she took some really good ones. If you haven’t noticed my tweet yet, I’m feeling in a lovey dovey mood 🙂 I’m Sitting here listening to TD Jakes Sacred Love Songs.

My Wedding Playlist

Don’t judge me BTW I was supposed to get married in September that’s why it’s planned out already 🙂

The Lady Her Lover and Lord

“She found herself, she found her lover for life
Then the two of them joined together in the Lord
Now she’s complete, A three-fold woman, one accord
The Lady, Her Lover and the Lord”

Lovers Prayer- Joe

Lover’s prayer
When I get down on my knees at night
Lover’s prayer
I pray God we gonna be alright
Lover’s prayer
With my head down and my hands up high
How I hope he will answer my
Lover’s prayer

You-Jessee Powell

You for Me- Johnny Gill

Mother to DaughterTD Jakes

Get Here- Oleta Adams

Plan on Forever-Dana Glover Mervyn Warren

Gotta Be- Jagged Edge

Always-Atlantic Star

Good Man-RL

I Love Christmas.

Christmas time for me is like pay day my family loves to give gift cards which is perfect because I love to receive them :). Which brings me to the reason why I am making a post about Christmas in February lol.  I got tired of holding onto my Lane Bryant gift card so I decided to get online to see what they had well if you have ever shopped at Lane Bryant you know they are expensive as the day is long not to mention every woman in America has got to be a Yellow 5 Tall because I can never ever ever ever find my size in pants!!! Sometimes I hate being tall but then I think about how fat and round I would be if I were short and I thank my lucky stars.  Anyway so I made my way over to Fashion Bug which thank heavens is a tad bit cheaper than Lane Bryant but still under the same parent company so I could use my gift card. I found two shirts and a shrug paid for shipping and handling and still had 26 cents to spare on my gift card. Who do you know can shop like that? LOL I am like the cheapest person under the sun but you know what is different about me? I buy quality things at cheap prices, pair them with expensive items and you would never be able to tell the difference.  My clothes are like that, and so is my apartment I love getting peoples initial reaction when they walk into my apartment, because its so not what they expected. The first time the property manager came in to inspect my place  I was in my room and I heard her gasp  that got a chuckle out of me, but what she doesn’t know  or anyone else besides my mother, I decorated my entire apartment minus most of furniture and electronics for under 500 dollars. Thats my bedroom living room kitchen and bathroom under 500$  It took time and a whole lot of runs to thrift stores, yard sales, Michaels and Wally World but I did it. Any-who back to the situation at had (today’s penny pinching adventure)…Here is what I got with my 40$ gift card.

I am in love with the shrug, I got it in Plum, I started to get it in white but yeah I am terrible in white. Big breast and white don’t mix. I swear every time I wear white I have a mishap with either something I’m eating or my soda bottle decides to leak either way I avoid white unless I plan on fasting for that day lol. I bought all this to wear to work, which btw is AWESOME!, I love the people there already I practically have my own office, my own supplies, computer, phone with my own extension; I mean really on top of all that, I only work 3 days a week .  A3 day workweek gives me plenty of time to get my craft business in order,  real estate or school which I’m going back for Business Admin. BTW. I thank Jeri for firing me lol because I was too stupid to quit, and I could have very easily missed out on the opportunity that God prepared just for me. I mean really this is a brand NEW position, I am THE first to have it, and it just so happens to have been created the week I get fired/ terminated whatever you wanna call it, hey its more like I got thrown off the slave ship but I’m not mad. 🙂 I could never thank the Lord enough for the many blessings he has bestowed upon me especially in these last couple of months. I truly feel BLESSED AND HIGHLY FAVORED. God is good.

So my sisters got in late.

So we did not cook for them last night which actually turned out PERFECT because it is such a beautiful day out today.   65 degrees and sunny almost perfect cookout weather.  My daddy did the grilling, my mother made dessert and I made the sides mixed vegetables and macaroni and cheese. I just so happened to have my camera handy so I took some pictures of my process; and I figured while I was at it I might as well post the recipe.  I’m nice like that.   So here goes, if you make it come back post a comment and tell me how you like it.


2 boxes Kraft Deluxe Macaroni and Cheese (the blue box)

1 stick of butter (not margarine I told you it was fattening)

1/2 cup of milk

2 cups Mozzerella cheese

2 cups Sharp cheddar cheese

3 eggs

Salt to taste

1.  Prepare the 2 boxes of macaroni according to the instructions on the box. Make sure the noodles are well done not Al`dente .

2. Pour into a large bowl; large enough to mix all the ingredients. If you are going to add salt do it now.

3. Mix all ingredients well.

4. Pour macaroni into large baking dish or casserole dish preferably one that has a lid if not just cover with aluminum foil

5. Bake in a 350 degree oven for 30-45 minutes

**Note** This recipe makes a large pan enough for at least eight hungry people if you don’t need quite that much try halving it up and freezing one half for later and bake the other for now.**

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My Boos will be home this afternoon.

I havent seen my sisters since Christmas and they are supposed to be coming home today I’m so glad.  We don’t get along all the time but I still love them and I love when they come home.  My mother wants to have a cookout for them since neither one of them cook, and they insist on having a home cooked meal.  I got a request to make my macaroni and cheese, that was so not a shocker. I have to admit I do make THE Best Macaroni and cheese ever, but it is soooooooooooooo fattening lol.  But the good stuff usually is.  I make a huge pan whenever I make it and I never have leftovers. Never.   I was supposed to go out with this guy I met online  but Im totally not in the mood so I am pretty sure I’m going to cancel and my sisters coming home is a great excuse.  I really just don’t feel like being bothered with the whole first date scenario.  My sister told me to join this dating site and I did but it seems like instead of all those fish everybody is talking about being in the sea I am pulling up the old tires and the busted boots.  So not worth my time one guy called me and had a full fledged ambush waiting for me for a second I thought I was in Guantanamo, I thought any second he was gonna bust through the phone and water-board me seriously.  I miss the days of my easy breezy relationship where I didn’t have to worry about any of this mess. We knew each-other, and we knew what to expect from each-other, the only problem was where I was evolving planning for the next stage in life he was stuck, and I loved him deep but not deep enough to get stuck with him.  So….I had to let him go because when a relationship is  broken no band aid no amount of glue or tape is going to hold it together its like putting water in a cracked pot your still headed for a disaster. I figured if I got out now I still have a couple years left in my twenties, and we could make a clean easy break, no kids no pets not even any material objects. Just he go his way and I can go mine.  I must admit though every time sends me an email I get a little sad that my wedding wont be happening as soon as I thought it would but even then its still ok.  No already doomed marriage means no pricey divorce later so I’ll wait it out.

I love her version of this song, love the song just everything!!! Not to mention it kinda reminds me of how I initially felt when the relationship was over but thats another post.

Lets have a toast.

I can always tell who the scumbags are   in my life because whenever it is time for something good to happen in my life they always come sniffing around.  I’m in a better place right now personally, I really feel things are starting to work in my favor, and what happens? My phone is ringing off the hook  seriously.  I might have fallen for it back then but this time is different.  I don’t have time for these fools.  They are not worthy of me or my time. Honestly their presence in my life isn’t even necessary  they are just dead weight of a life I don’t want to lead anymore. So I am gonna propose a toast to them,” Here here to all the ones who came around only when they wanted something, to the ones who never gave an encouraging word to me when I was feeling down, to the ones who found it impossible to be honest with me, I am leaving  you in my rearview, I will not answer your calls, furthermore I have completely erased from my mind and life so cheers to you”. Have a nice life!   Boy!!!!!!! It feels so good to say that.

What you need to know about the past is that no matter what has happened, it has all worked together to bring you to this very moment. And this is the moment you can choose to make everything new, right now. – Unknown Author

Im really up.

I just seriously woke up in the middle of the night with an idea and I just had to do some research lol. It is so funny how that happened. Any who my idea was ok I have already started with my Etsy account but I was thinking what if I went bigger.  Where I am from there is a lot of tourism based on it being a historical area, and downtown there are lots of small  family owned businesses all gathered in one place, well I was thinking of opening up a craft studio downtown that I could make open to the public to sell my items but also give classes on how to make certain things, as well as host meetings for fellow crafters. Sounds cool huh I think so. I am sure someone else has already thought of this but there is nothing like it around here not now. I think I am going to go to my daddy tomorrow with my idea to see if he wants to “Invest” and if  he could possibly help me look into some buildings down there. It’s just a thought but I think it has potential.  I don’t think I can work for other people for the rest of my life, I just don’t have the personality to besides I’m smarter than everyone I ever worked for anyway lol j/k a little bit. SN: I just got my vegetarian Starter Kit magazine yesterday, really informative and sad.  It really tugs on your heart-strings although I don’t like animals like want to hug and kiss them like some crazies do I do recognize that they are living feeling beings and for them to be mistreated is just as awful as a child that can not help themself, and some of the practices in the food industry lets just say that some things need to change. I’m going to post  a few links of information on the subject so you all can see for yourself.