I started my resolution early this year about the end of December due to a couple unfortunate events, and I am happy to say that I have stuck with it so far.  I had an idea today that I think is going to do me good. Wait for it, wait for it….I decided today that I was going to start 2 days out of the week eating a strictly vegeterian diet.  I’m really good about eating vegtables and salads and things so I figured I would give it a try.  Who knows maybe I will give it all up someday.   I need to lose some weight so one of my goals for this year is to drop twenty pounds and then I’m going to go from there but initially Im just gonna start with twenty, because I feel that is do able.  I got my WII active sports ready so I can keep track of everything its sad though because Ive had it for a year and I did one complete program.  Whats even worse is when I bought it I was so motivated I threw out all my junk food bought yogurt and nuts and went shopping for excercise clothes which I have yet to wear again.  I even bought shoes lol which became my errand slide on to run to the store shoes so ummmm yeah to say that weightloss attempt was an epic fail is an understatement. But this time is different, I really want to work on me, to be a better me.