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Lets have a toast.

I can always tell who the scumbags are   in my life because whenever it is time for something good to happen in my life they always come sniffing around.  I’m in a better place right now personally, I really feel things are starting to work in my favor, and what happens? My phone is ringing off the hook  seriously.  I might have fallen for it back then but this time is different.  I don’t have time for these fools.  They are not worthy of me or my time. Honestly their presence in my life isn’t even necessary  they are just dead weight of a life I don’t want to lead anymore. So I am gonna propose a toast to them,” Here here to all the ones who came around only when they wanted something, to the ones who never gave an encouraging word to me when I was feeling down, to the ones who found it impossible to be honest with me, I am leaving  you in my rearview, I will not answer your calls, furthermore I have completely erased from my mind and life so cheers to you”. Have a nice life!   Boy!!!!!!! It feels so good to say that.

What you need to know about the past is that no matter what has happened, it has all worked together to bring you to this very moment. And this is the moment you can choose to make everything new, right now. – Unknown Author


Oh Transition…

Ok this whole transition period I’m going through is driving me nuts. I’m here camped out at my parents house, my car is broken ( a minor accident my fault of course) I’m broke, and to top it all off I got fired lol. When life hands you lemons you what throw them at people, no I’m just kidding you make lemonade lol. Either way  I am in between jobs, it’s a first for me because I have worked since I was 16 sometimes two and even three jobs at a time, so I am used to working, having something to do. But I told myself that I would take some time for myself, I have been thinking about opening my own business something small selling my crafts and what not.  I have been trying to get my business off the ground for the last two years but between work and school I just never had enough time.  But now I am going to have money coming in every week for bills and a completely open calendar so I am gonna give it a go.  I have a lot of plans its just this little waiting period I have to go through till the money starts coming in is killing me.  I’m using my income taxes to get my car fixed which needs to be done unless I want to walk everywhere I go which on one hand would be good for the fitness part of my self-improvement journey.  My mom asked me what my goal was career wise and I told her flat-out, I don’t know that’s sad I’m 26 and I just don’t know. I know I want to own my own business but with me the problem lies with which business do I start with? I’m creative, I’m a darn good cook, I do graphic design I do crafts, I’m one step away from having my Real Estate license I mean really I have so many options and ideas it is super hard for me to concentrate and stay focused on one. But all that comes second to my real passion which is going to shock a couple of folks… wait for it…..wait for it….To beperfectly honest with you though I would be happy being a housewife raising my children barefoot and pregnant. Wow I feel like I just sent women back 50 years but in all honesty taking care of my family doing my crafts and running a household sounds pretty much perfect to me.  I have worked in some good jobs and I have definitely worked in some of the more crappy ones, and one thing remained the same in all of the places I worked. I was never appreciated, and no one genuinely cared about anything besides the money I was making for them.   I think with the amount of time I would spend away from home making someone else rich and I just think it is not worth it.  That time  could be going to my family which would appreciate and love me and so to me there is just no other option. But hey all this is in the future being so I do not have a husband yet and I do not have any children, it’s not my time yet but when it is I am going to be ready which is why I am going through my self improvement stage now so when god is ready to put that special someone in my life I will be ready for him.