Christmas time for me is like pay day my family loves to give gift cards which is perfect because I love to receive them :). Which brings me to the reason why I am making a post about Christmas in February lol.  I got tired of holding onto my Lane Bryant gift card so I decided to get online to see what they had well if you have ever shopped at Lane Bryant you know they are expensive as the day is long not to mention every woman in America has got to be a Yellow 5 Tall because I can never ever ever ever find my size in pants!!! Sometimes I hate being tall but then I think about how fat and round I would be if I were short and I thank my lucky stars.  Anyway so I made my way over to Fashion Bug which thank heavens is a tad bit cheaper than Lane Bryant but still under the same parent company so I could use my gift card. I found two shirts and a shrug paid for shipping and handling and still had 26 cents to spare on my gift card. Who do you know can shop like that? LOL I am like the cheapest person under the sun but you know what is different about me? I buy quality things at cheap prices, pair them with expensive items and you would never be able to tell the difference.  My clothes are like that, and so is my apartment I love getting peoples initial reaction when they walk into my apartment, because its so not what they expected. The first time the property manager came in to inspect my place  I was in my room and I heard her gasp  that got a chuckle out of me, but what she doesn’t know  or anyone else besides my mother, I decorated my entire apartment minus most of furniture and electronics for under 500 dollars. Thats my bedroom living room kitchen and bathroom under 500$  It took time and a whole lot of runs to thrift stores, yard sales, Michaels and Wally World but I did it. Any-who back to the situation at had (today’s penny pinching adventure)…Here is what I got with my 40$ gift card.

I am in love with the shrug, I got it in Plum, I started to get it in white but yeah I am terrible in white. Big breast and white don’t mix. I swear every time I wear white I have a mishap with either something I’m eating or my soda bottle decides to leak either way I avoid white unless I plan on fasting for that day lol. I bought all this to wear to work, which btw is AWESOME!, I love the people there already I practically have my own office, my own supplies, computer, phone with my own extension; I mean really on top of all that, I only work 3 days a week .  A3 day workweek gives me plenty of time to get my craft business in order,  real estate or school which I’m going back for Business Admin. BTW. I thank Jeri for firing me lol because I was too stupid to quit, and I could have very easily missed out on the opportunity that God prepared just for me. I mean really this is a brand NEW position, I am THE first to have it, and it just so happens to have been created the week I get fired/ terminated whatever you wanna call it, hey its more like I got thrown off the slave ship but I’m not mad. 🙂 I could never thank the Lord enough for the many blessings he has bestowed upon me especially in these last couple of months. I truly feel BLESSED AND HIGHLY FAVORED. God is good.