Well I Spilled the Beans.

I went ahead and told him kinda sorta. It didn’t turn out well but it didn’t turn out bad it was one of those things that was just blah. But really I couldn’t expect much because like I said the situation is not one that we can make anything out of right now anyway.  But I feel better now that it is out in the open, and I still have a friend.  Not to mention it is on the table  so if the situation does ever change we can take it from there.


Being a Girl.

Women are some emotional unstable creatures. LOL. Well part of that is true because I am definitely a very emotional person. I try to be gaurded for that very reason. When I love I love hard, so when I am let down it hurts like high well you know where I’m going with that.  Recently I have found myself letting someone close to me but as it is right now nothing could ever come of it.  In the age of technology though nothing is impossible. But I have it bad! I mean really bad! I can’t say his name without grinning, he crosses my mind at least 10 times a day, and if I don’t talk to him I feel my day is just not complete. I feel silly because the situation does not allow me to express how I feel without in my opinion making me look silly. But its just not very often I find someone who is so much like me.  Or who appreciates the things I like, and values the things I value.  I mean really I’m an odd girl for my age. I like Harry Potter, and Twilight, I sew, and knit, I actually like to keep house, I like going in my daddy’s garden to pick vegetables so I can preserve them, but at the same time I am a complete Technology Junkie ( well I don’t have it as bad as some people) but I can still appreciate a new gadget. Not many girls now days are into the more traditional roles of a woman, they are more concerned with partying, I know because for a while there I played that role. Until I was able to see that that was not and has never really been me.  I am much happier in the house with my ipod my Cricut or my sewing machine.  Even still with all that he gets me. He really genuinely gets me. We can talk for hours and they are actually hours of meaningful conversation. He’s so smart it’s crazy how he explains things to me, stuff that I normally on my own would not expose myself to but for whatever reasons when they come from him it’s like…I just hang on his every word. To say I like him is an understatement but to say anything else would make me seem like a Gullible NUT JOB. Oh what to do? What to do? If only I were a boy…


Dial up.

Ok so I got my cable and internet turned on at my house yesterday and I was sitting here trying to figure out why both my computers were moving so slow. My Mac is a little older so I thought that that was why, but then I got on my laptop and it took Bing dern near five minutes to load to Im like what is going on? So I called Suddenlink come to find out they had me on some dial up package ( not really dial up but still super slow) I was sitting here seriously about to go crazy trying to surf the net. Problem solved now though.  Today has been a pretty good day I folded my mountain of laundry made a whole playlist full of old R&B from like the 80’s and 90’s I need to go out, but I really don’t feel like it, but I’m gonna stop being lazy and get out the house.I bought my domain and hosting for my online store.  I have not finished with it yet but when I do I will post a link. I plan on being done by tonight and ready for business in the morning. Im going to go to the Salvation Army to see if I can find anything that needs some TLC  just to mix it up.  In my Daddy’s words people will buy anything.  I have a lot of African American novels I also want to put on Ebay because I have read them all and frankly I need the space for my crafting supplies.  Right about now my closet is gone crazy.  I can’t stand people who don’t get rid of things they don’t use and I refuse to be one of them.

Happy Camper.

I’m in Durham with my sisters and mother, we are having an ok time, there has been a little bit of drama not family drama but drama just the same. I got my Power Mac!! Yay and I also got a Gateway laptop because my Compaq Pre-sorry-O is just not cutting it anymore. I bought it like 5 years ago and there is nothing wrong with the computer itself I am just tired of replacing the power cord. I am seriously on my third one not to mention this one came with a Web Cam, SD card reader and a DVD Burner and a 320 GB Hard Drive. The biggest feature on my Compaq was a CD burner lol.  Im looking forward to getting everything up and running with my new craft site, I really envision myself being like Martha Stewart. You know without the whole insider trading thing. My mind is just running with all kinds of ideas, podcast, video tutorials just all kinds of goodies. SN my sisters dog is so very bad, my Nano might be mean but Berkley is terrible he just walks around chewing on EVERYTHING and its not like he has hands that he can clean up after himself he is just leaving a trail of torn up stuff, his current chew toy of choice some 100 dollar hair extensions smh lol. So anyway I got my Mac off of craigslist  really really good deal 340 complete with monitor, keyboard, mouse and airport card. I know its an older model but this is my first Mac and I really just want to compare, anyway this was the most bizarre experience I have ever had.  The guy told me to call when I pulled into the parking lot I called him like 5 times and did not get and answer, so my sister called from her phone he answers on the 3rd ring so then he comes out and the computer is hooked up on the back porch???? But My uncle Larry and I tested everything out and it worked and I can’t wait to get home to hook it up in my little home office.  Im planning on having everything done and my first batch of merchandise up and ready for purchase by Saturday.  No more excuses I have enough time.  Hopefully my cricut will be here by Monday. If not its ok because I have my Cricut create I can use for smaller projects like cards and things.

When We Get Married.

My little cousin got married on Monday, and Im stealing two things from her lol. Her Bouquet style, and this song. I’m so in love with it. She was a beautiful bride BTW, Im watching my mom put together a smilebox with the pictures, she took some really good ones. If you haven’t noticed my tweet yet, I’m feeling in a lovey dovey mood 🙂 I’m Sitting here listening to TD Jakes Sacred Love Songs.

My Wedding Playlist

Don’t judge me BTW I was supposed to get married in September that’s why it’s planned out already 🙂

The Lady Her Lover and Lord

“She found herself, she found her lover for life
Then the two of them joined together in the Lord
Now she’s complete, A three-fold woman, one accord
The Lady, Her Lover and the Lord”

Lovers Prayer- Joe

Lover’s prayer
When I get down on my knees at night
Lover’s prayer
I pray God we gonna be alright
Lover’s prayer
With my head down and my hands up high
How I hope he will answer my
Lover’s prayer

You-Jessee Powell

You for Me- Johnny Gill

Mother to DaughterTD Jakes

Get Here- Oleta Adams

Plan on Forever-Dana Glover Mervyn Warren

Gotta Be- Jagged Edge

Always-Atlantic Star

Good Man-RL

Boy am I Tired.

Sleepy, tired, beat all rolled into one. I have a three day work week so Wednesday is my Friday and this week it feels like it. I think I am sleep deprived lol. I came home today and cooked my parents a white lasagna, I say I cooked them because I made myself a greek chicken salad and had some grapes so I am good for the rest of the night. I might have a sliver of it tomorrow, but not too much because that is just as fattening as my Macaroni and cheese. I’ll post the recipe I used and my pictures a little later,but right now I’m just feeling too lazy lol. Not to mention its supposed to snow tomorrow so I am pretty sure I won’t be leaving the house tomorrow.  I just saw the perfect recipe for red velvet cake on yahoo btw, I can’t wait to break out the cupcake pan. Well actually I can wait, but you know what I mean.

Woe is Me.

Not feeling good at all today. I practically stayed in bed the whole day.I’m moody and irritable emotional and my mother and I have gotten into three shouting matches today. I feel so bad I want to cry but even that takes more energy than what I have right now, the worse part about it is I don’t have any Tylenol so it’s just going to be a long painful night. I have not talked to any of my friends today which is not only a shocker but it’s kind of discouraging because one I actually look forward to talking to. I guess one good thing that came out of this hellish day is I managed to get a Mac at a reasonable price. or AT LEAST ONE I CAN AFFORD. It’s not a new one or anything thing probably like 4 years old but it will do for now, at least till I see if I actually like it better than PC which I’m pretty sure I will being so my laptop is a complete and utter POS. I am on my third power cord for that thing don’t ask me how or why but it is indeed my third one.